Personal Coaching London

Personal Development Coaching focuses on specific or multiple aspects of an individual bidding to become all that they could be. As your personal coach we identify gaps in attitudes, beliefs, capabilities and skills in order to bridge the current situation with all future agreed objectives.

Capabilities and True Potential

Personal Coaching represents a fundamental belief in human development, capability and potential. The process consistently focuses on growth and change, over time, through manipulation of both internal and external variable factors. Clients are fully embraced in the process, agreeing on a strategic framework which allows them to develop their required capabilities and realise their true potential.

The Psychological Process

At the very heart of Personal Development Coaching is an internal psychological process. This process aims to create long term sustainable and significant growth rather than a quick win. All of our Life / Personal Coach programmes include formally structured, coaching, mentoring, skill acquisition and 360 degree feedback.

Throughout the process clients are continually challenged and supported in order to develop ways of thinking, ways of learning and ways of being. As your Life / Personal Coach we help our clients to learn new knowledge which can then be implemented to the very best of their abilities.


Evaluation is a crucial and an integral part of the process and is included in every Personal Development Coaching session. The evaluation process is used to inform development and learning as clients are mentored through any challenges, obstacles and problems which present themselves along the way. Evaluation is key in enabling clients to reach their vision and achieve their future goals.

Life Coaching

The key elements of any Personal Development Coaching must involve goal setting, problem definition, relationship building, a transformational process, problem solving and future outcomes. Every single one of our personal coaching sessions is bespoke and tailor made to the individual client. We guarantee that all key elements will be included whilst keeping true to the requirements of individual differences.

Personal Coaching can be very effective for:

  • Authenticity
  • Commitment
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Habit Forming
  • Healthy Life Choices
  • Inner Drive
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership Development
  • Limiting Belief Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Passion
  • Personal Insights
  • Relationship Excellence
  • Skills
  • Strategy

Personal Coach London
Our goal is always to provide practical, positive and sustainable
changes to all aspects of our clients’ lives.