James Rose

As an award-winning therapist, I've guided CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, and high achievers like you towards success and lasting emotional well-being. My results-oriented approach blends proven techniques like cognitive psychology, talk therapy, and cognitive hypnotherapy, along with evidence-based executive coaching methods. I create a tailored plan with specific tools to address underlying patterns and past experiences impacting your present life. Equipping you with the skills to tackle emotional triggers and overcome external pressures, helping you feel back in control.


Awarded 'Corporate Therapy Specialist of the Year' by Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

Evidence-Based Solutions: Personalized Therapy & Executive Coaching

Tailored Solutions

I develop dynamic, impactful, strategies specifically designed for your unique goals and challenges.

See Results Quickly

I leverage evidence based techniques to deliver fast, practical, and measurable results you can see right away.

Science-backed Strategies

I create an approach rooted in the latest therapeutic research for a proven and effective strategy specifically for you.

Unleash Your Inner Strength

Conquer challenges, build resilience, and unlock your potential to thrive in all aspects of life.

Unlock Your Potential: Personalized Therapy & Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, stress, or self-doubt?

You're not alone. Many successful individuals struggle with these challenges. I can help you overcome these obstacles and achieve lasting change.

I create personalized plans that combine proven methods like cognitive hypnotherapy (to remove subconscious blocks and reduce stress responses), cognitive psychology (to build resilience, optimism, and a positive outlook), and cognitive therapy (to improve negative thought patterns and develop new coping strategies).

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'Best Bespoke Therapeutic Solutions Provider'

UK Enterprise Awards 2020
Carole (VP)

When I initially sought guidance from James regarding my challenges with confidence, I was immediately reassured and confident in his expertise. James collaborated with me in our sessions to uncover the underlying reasons for my challenges and develop effective strategies to overcome them. Together, we crafted tools to navigate triggers and restore a sense of control in high-pressure situations. I highly recommend James for his invaluable support.

Mark (CFO)

As the CFO of our organization, I approached James for assistance with anxiety issues impacting my professional life. Through a series of targeted exercises, James skillfully identified the root cause of my anxiety, unraveling the specific moments that had left an imprint on my subconscious. He imparted a set of practical exercises that prove invaluable in various corporate scenarios. I wholeheartedly endorse James for his invaluable guidance and impactful strategies.

From Challenge to Success: Client Transformations


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