'Best Bespoke Therapeutic Solutions Provider'

UK Enterprise Awards 2020


Originally from Scotland, with over 10 years of experience in London, I help individuals overcome challenges and achieve lasting success. My unique approach blends psychological expertise with real-world experience allowing me to connect with clients on a deeper level.

My passion for understanding human potential goes beyond the academic. I hold a Master's degree in Psychology from Birkbeck University of London but my journey also encompassed the worlds of business and the arts. This diverse background allows me to see the challenges people face from multiple perspectives – psychological, practical, and creative. This holistic view informs my therapeutic approach fostering a deeper connection with my clients.

My belief lies in the power of tangible, practical, and sustainable change. I go beyond symptom management, delving into the subconscious mind and addressing the underlying beliefs and patterns that impact your responses to both internal and external stressors and that hold you back from achieving your full potential.

I create a personalized treatment plan specifically designed for your unique needs. My practice incorporates a variety of evidence-based techniques, including cognitive psychology, talk therapy, and cognitive hypnotherapy, along with executive coaching methods. Whether you're battling anxiety, imposter syndrome, or work-life balance issues, I'm here to equip you with the tools and strategies you need to thrive, leading to improved confidence, better work-life balance, and a path to success.

If you're ready to unlock your full potential and achieve lasting change, contact me today for a free consultation.

James Rose

Award-Winning Therapist & Executive Coach : Unlocking Your Potential

'Best Bespoke Therapeutic Solutions Provider'

UK Enterprise Awards 2020
Preet (Director)

I sought James's guidance to enhance my confidence and ease in board meetings and social settings. In just a few sessions, we uncovered the root cause of my feelings and pinpointed the specific event that led to the formation of these beliefs and barriers. The results surpassed my expectations and had a profound impact beyond what I could have imagined. I discovered a newfound sense of positivity, energy, confidence, and personal power, allowing me to live more fully in the present.

Jack (Media Executive)

I came to the realization that I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety related to performance reviews. I decided to confront the issue head-on, and that's when I found help from James. After several weeks of working with James, my issues have almost entirely disappeared. He also provided me with a series of useful tools to use if the issues were to arise again. I can't recommend James highly enough and only wish I had discovered him sooner.

From Challenge to Success: Client Transformations


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