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'Best Bespoke Therapeutic Solutions Provider’ - UK Enterprise Awards 2020

James Rose

Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, I bring a wealth of experience and education to empower you in overcoming challenges and achieving sustainable change.

I am an award-winning therapist, holding a Master's in Psychology, and I am a graduate of The Quest Institute (Regents College) in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, showcasing my commitment to delivering high-quality care. Additionally, my educational journey includes graduating from The Oxford School of Drama and earning a Master's in Filmmaking from the Raindance Film School. I hold a Bachelor's in Business from RGU Aberdeen, grounding my approach in a solid understanding of both psychology and business.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with international business leaders, award-winning celebrities in sports and entertainment, and prominent figures in public office. My therapeutic approach combines cognitive hypnotherapy, strategic coaching, and evidence based psychology, allowing us to address challenges and unlock your full potential.

I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all model. Instead, my focus is on understanding you at a deep level, from your subconscious to your conscious mind. This understanding forms the basis for personalized techniques and plans crafted just for you.

A proud member of the British Psychological Society and the National Council of Hypnotherapy, I am committed to providing individualized care to support you in achieving your goals.

In addition to my therapeutic work, I am the founder of Tartan Underdog, a Scottish American film production company dedicated to infusing storytelling with the core values of mental health and emotional well-being. I also lead Cognitive Direction, a Corporate Well-being Consultancy, leveraging my diverse background to offer a unique perspective on the challenges faced by individuals and organizations.

Whether you're looking to overcome anxiety, conquer addiction, improve sleep, enhance relationships, or pursue personal and professional growth, I'm dedicated to being your partner in achieving the positive changes you desire.

Embark on a transformative journey with an award-winning cognitive hypnotherapist in London. As a seasoned professional with accolades, including recognition as the 'Best Bespoke Therapeutic Solutions Provider' at the UK Enterprise Awards 2020, I bring a wealth of expertise to guide you in reshaping your life. Through a unique blend of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London, personalized coaching strategies, and solutions-focused psychology, I empower individuals to overcome challenges and unlock their potential, achieving lasting personal and professional growth.

two white throw pillows on top of grey sofa
two white throw pillows on top of grey sofa
  • MSc Psychology

  • MBPsS The British Psychological Society

  • MNCH (Reg.) National Council for Hypnotherapy

  • Cognitive Hypnotherapy (FHEQ Level 4)

  • Certified NLP Practitioner

Transformative Journey with Award-Winning Cognitive Hypnotherapist